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01 Establish a deeper connection with the people around you
(get the interaction with your surroundings to a higher level)
02 Love with your full heart and make love with your partner as never before
(let go of that emotional cramp and you will enjoy the highest bliss)
03 Get over those ups and downs in no time!
(learn from your past and implement the knowledge in the present)
04 Be relaxed and self-confident in any situation
(control your negative emotions and be constantly aware of your inner values)
05 Emanate positive energy and spread happiness to others
(all the doors will open for you in school or at your work place)
06 Reach harmony with your body and mind and stay healthy in almost all situations
(learn to stay focused and never give existence to sickness)
07 Build your self-awareness
(understand the purpose of your existence and build self-confidence)
08 Become self-propelled
(get all the answers within and find sources of happiness inside yourself)
Just a few quotes from my book... given to you with LOVE.

“Not the change itself, but the step towards change can be made in a matter of seconds!
However, once you take that initial step you are already walking on a new path.​‌”

​‌“​‌You evoke our ancestor’s power, the force. Actually, you wake it up, because it was always with us, within us; it is our essence. As Obi wan Kenobi would say to a Jedi (or Yoda Master would say to Obi wan Kenobi), 'the force is with you'. Here I continue the thought... it is in you... You are the Force!​‌”

“Whether you feel that the chance for liberation is given to you by God, Buddha, Krishna, or by a a teaching from a total stranger; you must recognize the chance, pull your strength together and GO FOR IT!​‌”

"The world is full of self-help books, and I never read them...
But after I started reading Oliver Shiflish's manuscript, I was captivated by the originality and relevance of what he wrote. So I kept on reading, and I am confident you will too after you read the first few pages. And you will be glad you did it."

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of Flow
"I met Oliver many years before his awakening and even then I always felt happier being around him. He approached life without fear and his stories of Eastern Europe from before the fall of the Soviet Union were a testament to his spirit. He wore his happiness like a suit of armor and nothing seemed to be able to hurt him. I never really understood the importance of this until I read his book, LESS FEAR MORE HAPPINESS. It is interesting to hear about his journey to discover this power in himself that we all knew was always there. The wisdom he shares in the book has certainly helped me to seek and find that happy, fearless warrior inside myself."

Rob Aft, President of Compliance Consulting, Educator, Author of FROM SCRIPT TO SCREEN. A true and extraordinary professional, helping improve and unite the world film industry.

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