Author has given us a book, where we can learn to lose our fears, in other words, learn to view this world in a positive way and therefore live a healthy and happy life.
Congratulations and thank you very much.

Jeno Juhasz
Producer, ShepherdFilm
When Oliver first told me about his book , I became very happy to see that someone was writing about fear in a simple and easy way to understand for general public . Fear is definitively one of the main causes to keep people in a very unpleasant way of living and to make us slaves of such a ridiculous state.
Then I came to read his work and was pleased by his words . Most of the people should read it to realize that fear is poison and being only a state of mind it is really possible to get rid of it: in fact it is a choice to be slave of fear or free of it. Oliver gives to all of us an opportunity to be fearless and of course happier and I cannot but be thankful enough for him.
After I read his book, one morning I was not in a very good mood and had negative thoughts but remembering a little exercise stated in the book I did it and the effect came instantly: a real switch , I was in much better mood and the negative thoughts were completely fade away. I am talking about the exercise in which we put our thumbs behind the ears with both hands open; seriously efficient.
This "little" book is a great easy tool, making us understand about our relationship with fear, the huge impact it has on our lives and overall the real possibility to get free of fear and so become so much happier: so useful . I wish every household to have such a book.
If you read it you will get a fantastic opportunity to free yourself from fear mental slavery, become happier and make others happier!!!
It will not be a waste of time but a gain of happiness!!!
Thank you Oliver for this gift to humanity

Claude Etchecopar
skiing coach and a healer
Getting to know Oliver and reading his book was an important stage in my life.
We met out of the blue in a printing house and ended up talking for an hour and a half. What I have experienced was: openness, frankness, loving compassion, enormous energy.
Whilst reading, I didn’t agree with some of the points, but the overall impact of the book was liberating experience. One of the most important things that I’ve learned from Oliver was to be brave to walk my own path and to have faith in whatever I have at my disposal. This book has helped me noticing positive possibilities and, thus it has given me leads towards finding the best direction in my life.
Thank you!

Sárkány Vivien
student of architecture
Hallo Oliver,
It’s Till from Mario’s team here. I am currently reading your book for the second time and just wanted to thank you for it! I almost cried two times and laughed the half way through because I can feel most of the things you state inside it, but wasn’t ever able to bring all these ideas together so perfectly on point. I started fighting the fear the moment I saw the two pictures of you in the book because I exactly felt the "emotional cramp" so often, and what can I say? It works really great.
I know that I waited for that book a long time because it reactivated something in me I buried some months ago due to stress in work and with my girlfriend. And I know that I would like to ask you so many questions, but for the moment I have to process all the information you have given me through the book and I feel that this will take some time. Anyways, I am sure I can come back to your offer of calling you when I finished my thinking about your writing? And in the meantime I just wanted to say THANK YOU and I hope you will reach a lot of people with your book because with it you found a way to make this earth a better place... thanks again!

Till Boenninghausen
Senior Sales Manager