Authors Message


My dear readers! I am always asking myself: why did I decide to write this book?
I guess, just like all of you, I have witnessed the sufferings of many people who have been close to me.
As a result of their sufferings, they lived unhappy lives and died prematurely; their minds, souls and bodies were overtaken by fear. This made me start thinking about our fears; and one day, in the middle of writing a business email in Hungarian language something made me grab a piece of paper and I started writing in English. The first words that I wrote were "Contemplating on fear" and I ended up writing a total of four and a half pages. That formed the core of my thoughts, which slowly evolved into a book. As a result of it, in my book, I basically address only two things.
Firstly, I explain what is the root of all of our different fears, which in turn are the cause of our suffering.
Secondly, I will teach you how to go beyond any fear and I will offer my advice, leads, suggestions that you can implement on your path towards happiness. My intent is to present my readers the technique, which will help them be happy on a permanent basis! What I have in mind is to offer you a formula with the potential to cure your suffering; I also explain how it works when it is properly applied and what results you can expect, however, ultimately it is up to you to apply it yourself.
Here I could continue writing but I feel it would be better to tell you simply that ... I Love you all and suggest that you GO FOR IT!